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You can reach Integra Beveiliging B.V. 24 hours a day 7 days a week on phone number:

+31 78 6197019

“A stitch in time saves nine”. This phrase can be related to many cases, as well as the security. Integra Beveiliging B.V. offers services that can prevent worrisome occasions like fire, theft and vandalism. The presence of a specially trained security officer has a preventive function. In case of emergency our employees are trained to act adequate and careful.

Besides services like guarding objects, mobile- and mall surveillance and alarm response, we also offer services for the protection of, or against persons; bodyguards. There are strict requirements to become this kind of security officer, so you don’t have to worry about your safety.
One Integra Beveiliging B.V. specialty is guarding construction sites. Yearly, the construction branch has undesirable costs of more than 210 million euros, caused by vandalism and theft. These costs can simply be reduced by placing specially trained security officers at your construction site. They can be stationed around the clock and, if desired, they can perform access controls.
For all your events, big or small, we can provide in a safe and happy environment for the visitors. We can provide in general safety, body search and VIP escort. The streamed inflow of vehicles during the event can also be arranged by offering certified traffic controllers.
Integra Beveiliging B.V. not only offers personnel, but we can also provide investigation services.
Do you suspect theft or fraud by your employees? Are you plagued by vandalism?
We will investigate the case and make a report which can be directly used in both civil and criminal court. Whether the investigations has to take place nationally or internationally, our certified investigators will review your case carefully and in accordance with the code of conduct of the sector of industry.

Integra Beveiliging B.V. also offers the possibility to have a complete security and / or surveillance system installed.