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Railroad Safety

You can reach Integra Beveiliging B.V. 24 hours a day 7 days a week on phone number:

+31 78 6197019

According to the Arbo-law (Dutch job safety law) each workplace has to be a save place. This also goes for the sites on or near railroad tracks. Integra Beveiliging B.V. is specialised in protecting these specific sites.

Integra Beveiliging B.V. is designated by Prorail as a qualitative and reliable partner through the “Recognition Railroad Safety Company”.
For all work on or near the railroad tracks, which are managed by Prorail, we can provide all the necessary services. In preparation you can think of:
 We are also able to supply all the necessary personnel to guarantee a safe workplace, like:
Integra Beveiliging B.V. is not only specialised in railroad safety, but also subway and tram safety. We can supply all the necessary safety personnel for RET Rotterdam, HTM The Hague and GVB Amsterdam.
Preventing electrocution is a separate branch of Integra Beveiliging B.V. The main focus of this branch is to secure the overhead wires, powerrail or third rail.
We can assist you in both preparation and execution by supplying several products and services, like: