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Integrated Security

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Nowadays safety is a “hot item”. That is why there is a great need of professionals who know the real content of Integrated Security.

There is a close co-operation between the safety professional and the police, fire department, companies, civilians and authorities. Researching safety risks, preparing safety policies and give solid advice are the main focuses of the safety professional.
The safety professional has the capacity to coordinate and organize. In short: the safety professional contributes to a save world.
Safety is an item which stands high on the political and economical agendas. Not only the public policy and safety are threatened, also the companies want to reduce the safety risks because there a great interests at stake.
Integrated Security focuses entirely on the interaction between the common interests and the balancing of joint risks in safety.
Integrated Security is a craft, a specialism in which it comes to think and act.
Plan, launch and coordinate.
Our professionals have years of experience in the field of Integrated Security and they have the skills to direct safety projects.
We can deploy our safety professionals everywhere there is a need for prevention and/or coordination. Our years of experience in security, fire safety, job safety and overall security at projects gives us a source of knowledge on which our professionals can fall back.
Integra Beveiliging B.V. can offer you the following services regarding Integrated Security: