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Integra Beveiliging

You can reach Integra Beveiliging B.V. 24 hours a day 7 days a week on phone number:

+31 78 6197019

Integra Beveiliging B.V. is a dynamic company continuous looking for possibilities to improve and expand their services. Improving and expanding, because the aspect security is getting more and more important in our society.

Integra Beveiliging B.V., founded in 1992, has gradually built up extensive experience. Integra Beveiliging B.V.’s mission can be defined as: safety first. We do not want to be seen as a quality company, but we truly want to offer quality. The keywords are liability, service, experience and safety. The activities of Integra Beveiliging B.V. are mainly focused on the Dutch market, however, Integra Beveiliging B.V. operates also outside the borders. 
Integra Beveiliging B.V. recognizes the point that security is getting more and more important in our society. As already mentioned, offering quality is hereby essential.
Our opinion of delivering quality is:
Moreover our quality is characterized by the certifications and approvals which are obtained: 
Above mentioned certifications can be downloaded underneath.